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No Safety in Numbers - Dayna Lorentz Premise: 3 stars. I have a thing for scenarios where people are trapped in a mundane location and have to improvise survival/escape with what they have on hand, so I'm not necessarily super picky here.

Execution: 2 stars. Dayna Lorentz claims never to have done NaNoWriMo, but this is NaNo-quality plotting and characterization all the way though. Still, I kept turning pages, because it's not like it would take long to finish, and I just wanted to get to the

Ending: 1 star. End of Book 1? Are you fucking kidding me? Also, as others have noted, the plot "twist" at the end is unsupported by the first 250 pages and the sudden introduction of an adult POV (and that of a supposed senator, to boot) is not really distinguishable from the four kids who have been narrating so far and not convincing at all.