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The Mighty Thor - Volume 1 - Matt Fraction, Olivier Coipel Pros:
  • Lots of interesting and dynamic panelling, making the most of the page/s (there are a bunch of two-page spreads).
  • I know who the Silver Surfer is now! I was previously under the impression that he was a villain, so, uh, sorry, dude. He is actually pretty interesting here.
  • Kid!Loki. Enough said.

  • Thor's face is drawn in a distractingly weird way. He looks he accidentally bashed himself in it with Mjolnir or something.
  • Cover with movie photos is misleading.
  • Matt Fraction's predilection for writing scenes with D/s undertones (or overtones? Possibly just tones?) here expresses itself in a kind of weird scene between Odin and Heimdall, which I'm just not as into as, say, Tony Stark/Doc Ock.