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Naamah's Blessing - Jacqueline Carey I think this is the strongest book of Moirin's trilogy, and certainly the most strongly-plotted. Where previous volumes seemed to send Moirin lurching about the globe filling in new Eluaverse cultures on the map for no particular reason other than 'because my diadh-​anam told me so', this book at least sends her to the New World with an actual plan of action to carry out. She finally comes full circle and deals with the plotlines she left lying loose back in Terre d'Ange in Naamah's Kiss in a manner that is relatively interesting and satisfying

Although the acknowledgements have it as merely "another D’Angeline adventure", I would be very surprised if it were not also the last one. In particular, Moirin's vision of universalism unifying all the religions of the Eluaverse reads to me as a valediction.