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Iron Man: The End

Iron Man: The End - David Michelinie, Bernard Chang Iron Man: The End is a pretty average story about middle-aged Tony Stark hitting a wall with his health, picking a successor, and then retiring to his space station with his age-appropriate love interest, who is apparently named Lisa. Whatever.

Iron Man: Requiem is a cracktastically awesome re-presentation of the original comic that introduced Iron Man in all its hilarible glory. In the modern framing pages, Tony, who is apparently erasing his memories because that is totally a thing that one does, knows he must be hallucinating, because why else would he have been wearing a London Fog raincoat and a fedora in the jungles of Vietnam?

Also included: a vintage story about newly-suited Tony meeting Rhodey after his helicopter was downed in the aforementioned jungles of Vietnam, and another, surprisingly not terrible story about how a pornstached Tony copes with being confined to a wheelchair after a shooting (not well).