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Quand un roi perd la France (Les rois maudits, #7)
Maurice Druon
George Steiner
The Captive & The Fugitive
Marcel Proust, C.K. Scott Moncrieff, Terence Kilmartin, D.J. Enright
Birds of Prey, Vol. 6: The Battle Within - Gail Simone, Joe Bennett, Ed Benes, Tom Derenick I am familiar with Gail Simone's reputation for writing a variety of female superheroes who actually interact with each other in interesting ways, and I can now confirm that it is, indeed, deserved! I could wish that they were not all drawn as being absolutely interchangeably Barbie-shaped, but you can't have everything. (And a set of Birds of Prey Barbie dolls would be a fun project, if I were craftier.)