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The Summer Before - Ann M. Martin A sweet book touching lightly on the lives of the original four babysitters during the summer between sixth and seventh grade. Although the action is slight (although not quite slight enough -- Claudia's and Kristy's plotlines would both require some retcon work in the original books to pass as unqualified canon), the emotional content is nicely drawn, with voices and details that feel appropriate for going-into-seventh-graders, and lives that have not yet been complicated by the understandably unrealistic confusions of living eighth grade over and over for ten years running.

The final chapter segues directly into the beginning of Kristy's Great Idea, which will no doubt be a jolt of pleasure to any BSC fans who haven't revisited the books in years, but also tends to emphasize the degree to which the already-short book does not stand on its own and is best enjoyed as part of a nostalgic experience.