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Caroline Minuscule - Andrew Taylor, Val McDermid This turned out to be a sort of stealth reread, since before I got to the second chapter I had a sudden vision of exactly how it ended, without any particular memory of what happened in between. Not so very much, as it turned out--the only mystery-solving takes place in a single and complete flash of insight that happens outside of Dougal's POV and is resolved before he even knows about it. It isn't often that I find myself comparing books disfavorably to The Da Vinci Code in any respect.

The real action of the book consists of how circumstances conspire to set Dougal on a path of crime that he wouldn't have cold-bloodedly applied himself to, in which respect it reminded me a little of some of Ruth Rendell's standalone crime tragedies. As an introduction to a purported series character I find it unusual and fairly offputting, and having inadvertently begun the series for a second time I find myself once again disinclined to continue the series, although I wouldn't necessarily avoid picking up another book by the author.